PolyGel excels in producing top-quality gels and converting them into high value orthopedic and skin care solutions. We manufacture more than 200 products covering a wide spectrum of needs for our private label partners. We even package those products to your exacting specifications. Unlike other gel manufacturers who supply product in bulk only, we provide a turnkey packaging service. When you order from us, your product is ready to go straight to distribution.

Solid R&D and advanced production methodologies are the underpinnings of our standard product offerings. We extend the same capabilities and resources to provide you exactly what you want, from minor variations to prototyping new ideas. Our in-house machine and tool shop accommodates rapid prototyping, and our electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities enable us to offer ongoing value in monitoring and restocking your inventory.

Formulation Capabilites

  • Elastomers
  • Tacky Elastometric Gels
  • Gel Adhesives
  • Polymer Blend
  • Foamable Elastomer Systems

ASTM Testing Capabilites

Hardness, Specific Gravity, Tensile Strength, Tensile Modulus, Ultimate Elongation, Tear Strength, Compression Set, Softening Point, Flash Point

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