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Brands that do wonders for your body, your mind and your world.

Go beyond bracing with ThermoActive®, our medical line of reimbursable brace technology. ThermoActive® braces combine total contact compression with deep action Thermotherapy. A better outcome for patients means a better outcome for your practice. Learn More
FlexiKold® is a revolutionary cold pack specifically designed to stay colder with our proprietary gel. Our gel stays colder while remaining more flexible than any other similar product on the market. FlexiKold® is the market leader in cold therapy gel pack products. Learn More
Gel Press® represents the discipline of science meeting the discipline of art – and from that meeting emerged the first permanent gel mono-printing plate. We are proud to continue bringing truly revolutionary tools to the art and education market through our expertise and innovations in gel research and development. Learn More
NatraGel® is a unique hydrogel system available to skincare professionals providing a full range of skincare solutions. NatraGel® forms an efficient dermal delivery system that provides hydration and nutrients to the skin. The NatraGel® hydrogel system has a broad range of uses in the aesthetic, plastic surgery and dermatology professional marketplaces.
Gelsmart® represents innovation in the evolution of gel based products and is engineered with scientifically superior ingredients. The GelSmart® line is recognized by healthcare professionals worldwide as being the industry leader in advanced gel based foot care and skin care products.
NatraCure® offers a lineup of head to toe solutions for injury recovery and chronic pain. Our cutting edge products are of the highest quality and combine traditional, time-tested treatments with smart new age materials. Learn More