About Us

Drawing on over 20 years of medical manufacturing experience, PolyGel entered the healthcare marketplace in 1999. As a provider of unique Gel materials that enhanced medical and skin care products for medical companies, we recognized the need to improve on the available therapies in the marketplace and meet the demand for quality solutions in Orthopedics and Skin Care.

Since its founding, PolyGel has expanded into a multi-dimensional, therapy-focused company. We currently operate under six brands: GelSmart, ThermoActive, FlexiKold, NatraCure, and Geluxury. Each brand focuses on solutions, therapies, technologies and products that enhance health and improve well-being.

As a leader in research and development, our recent innovations are not only superior in quality, but also environmentally sound. Our newest advancement, SmartGel technology, incorporates our good science with the holistic enhancements of targeted botanicals and vitamins to create the most effective gel materials available for therapeutic applications.

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