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Popular Plantar Fascia Sock Now Includes Heat Therapy NatraCure Hot/Cold Plantar Fascia Relief Sock

PolyGel® LLC, manufacturer of cutting edge gel-based technologies, recently announced the introduction of their new-improved at-home foot therapy product, NatraCure Hot/Cold Plantar Fascia Relief Sock.

The popular plantar fascia sock, known for its effective cold therapy treatment, now has the added benefit of heat—making it the perfect solution to relieve common plantar fascia, foot and arch pain discomfort. It is easy to put on, easy to chill or heat as needed, and begins working immediately. It is also commonly used for discomfort from overuse, chronic problems like arthritis, inflammation, or very high and low arch foot types.

The sock’s patent pending Plantar Fascia Strap, allows patients to easily customize the amount of arch support and fascia relief that is required.

When cold, the innovative sock delivers cold therapy to soothe plantar fasciitis, heel or arch pain, tired aching muscles, strains or sprains, and helps reduce swelling.

When heat activated in the microwave, the full-foot sized gel packs provide targeted relief to help improve circulation for cold or aching feet, and help relieve chronic pain.

“We are very excited to bring this new foot treatment to the home setting,” said Executive VP, Peter Bickel. “NatraCure takes nature’s best ingredients and combines them with cutting edge technologies to create a truly unique pain management aid”